L1 Business Plan

The Intra Company Transferee (L1) Visa is an official permission that permits a company to take management talent from an affiliated foreign office to US facility or to establish a US branch. However, a company must fulfill specific USCIS to qualify for The Intra-company Transferee (L1) Visa. These requirements include a proper plan to establish a business in the United States as an employer. Whereas, potential managers should have three years’ experience for the company.

An L-1 Business Plan is based on the contingency that an L1 Visa can be achieved only after including all the information about the experiences of the proposed leadership team and the management structure. Moreover, an L-1 business plan assists company owners and potential investors as it contains management information and personal forecasts. This helps to make rational decisions by understanding the decisions made in the US and abroad about the leadership.

L1 Visas: Companies operating both in the US and overseas are allowed to transfer eligible employees from abroad after acquiring the L-1 visa that is a nonimmigrant visa. Therefore, it is a viable option for transferees who wish to apply for managerial or executive roles and those who want to acquire specialized knowledge. However, it is imperative that for an L1 visa, the person should have completed at least one year other than the past three years’ experience working for the sponsoring company overseas.

Other than this, there is no specific investment requirement for the L-1 visas. However, it is important for people to follow all the requirements, which include securing funds and business plans especially those who are seeking to use L1 visa and L-1 investment to link short-term and long-term situations.

Moreover, people who are willing to start a new enterprise in the US with an L1 visa are allowed to stay over there for one year in the initial days. Whereas, qualified employees are allowed to stay up to three years. In both, the situations, the maximum period of stay allowed is seven years that is dependent on the operations of the business and reasons to extend.


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